PvZ: Social Hub

World Art Direction:
Plants Vs. Zombies' Social Hub is a location where players socialize, collect items, compete, purchase, obtain rewards, explore and use various single player and multiplayer features.
Creating this location posed unique challenges from design, art and performance standpoints.
-It needed to have 2 elevated "bases" (one for each faction) overlooking a central area where players can freely fight each other.To maintain a fun multiplayer experience (i.e not get snipped from above and maintain a smooth 60fps, we had to get crafty managing vistas and long sight lines.
-Depending on the month of the year, the area goes through themed festivals that drastically affect the look, time of day and set dressing, helping us create a fresh experience for our users every time they play the game.
-Contrary to other locations that often re-use assets, this area has a lot of custom made or unique props with tons of lovingly-hand-crafted animations and secrets.

Sebastien linage penny
Sebastien linage feastivus penny
Sebastien linage feastivus penny1
Sebastien linage socialhub day
Sebastien linage socialhubnight
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Sebastien linage snowday
Sebastien linage feastivus
Sebastien linage food fight sh