Battlefield Hardline 2015

I was the art director for EA Vancouver on 2 single player levels of Battlefield:Hardline.
"Glass Houses": This level was challenging on numerous fronts as it was supposed to take place in a Hollywood hills mansion, with stunning views over the LA skyline. Every room and building needed to look unique, clean, extravagant, stylish yet very tacky and...fully destructible of course!
The "Gauntlet" level in contrast, is gritty and dusty, very open, in pure Battlefield fashion. That level had its own set of challenges with high vantage points, sprawling vistas, numerous assets and varied looksets ... All the things that usually don't work well together if you want your game to run at a smooth 60 FPS... But we managed to make it happen in style anyway.

All rights reserved by their respective owners: Electronic Arts 1995 / Music: Kriptic Minds


Sebastien linage seb bf hh shot10
Sebastien linage seb bf hh shot8
Sebastien linage seb bf hh shot6

Rork's tacky poolhouse bedroom

Sebastien linage seb bf hh shot9
Sebastien linage seb bf hh shot1